Documentation April 9, 2020


How do I write a service?

MetaMate and your service need to speak the same language to work together. MetaMate doesn’t provide sdks as downloadable dependencies as the ASG is too massive to be shipped as one. Luckily `metactl` generates you a tailored sdk that only contains the necessary subset of the ASG that is required for your service to work. Run `metactl init` to create a `metactl.yaml`. The created `metactl.yaml` uses it to generate sdks for you.

How does a filter work?

By specifying a filter, the result set will be filtered. The actual filtering might be handled by MetaMate itself or by an upstream service.

How does a service filter work?

MetaMate is a semantic service bus that orchestrates querying data from multiple services. A developer can specify a `serviceFilter` to narrow down the services the request will be routed to.

How to setup a MetaMate?

Please have a look at the [installation instructions](

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